Page Optimisation for Google

Website optimisation for google

Properly optimised page saves your resources, which you spend on website promotion. If the target page is selected optimal density of keywords, then this page will be much easier to move to the top of the issue. The most accessible way to understand how to optimize a page for a particular query is to analyze competitors for this query. Why it is important to analyze competitors – because each topic has its own optimum keyword density. But competitor analysis, and proper keyword density is also not a panacea.

Landing Page Optimisation for Google

For a search engine spider, your page starts with Title, which means we’ll start optimising the page from it. Just in case, let me remind you that in order to manually register the words that you have in the title, for sites on wordpress, there is a plug-in All in One Seo Pack . 
For example, take the key query “geoby strollers”. In order not to be unfounded, I will give my example of a successful optimization. I optimised one page for the “ Internet Currency ” request and now, on this request, my site is in third place on, Google shows what I was looking for among 7 million pages. Despite such big numbers, this request brings me very few visitors, however, I didn’t spend a penny on getting into that.

Title Optimisation

According to the pillars of google optimisation, every word in a title is worth its weight in gold and therefore no left words are needed that would drag the weight of the page onto itself, such words as “ you can learn about ”, “ information about how ”. In order to make it clear that your page has everything related to prams. Here is an example of the title, under the chosen keyword: 
“Geoby baby strollers, geoby baby stroller models, reviews of geoby baby strollers”. More than 3 times a time to mention the keyword risky.

Optimize post title for google

The title should be similar to the title , but it should not be an exact copy of the title. You can shorten the title and make it a name. It is important that the request for which we plan to promote the request was at the beginning of the header. 
So here is an approximate headline. 
Strollers geoby, new models

H1 header optimisation

There should be only one H1 heading on the page, and we should include keywords in it, and be as close as possible to the beginning. So, here’s a headline you can choose: “Geoby prams, customer reviews”

We continue optimization, headings H2 and H3.

In order for Google to finally make sure that our page about what is written in the title and in the title, it is necessary that the body of the page contains several more headings that include words from our keyword … You need to follow the hierarchy of headings. 
So after the H2 “geoby wheelchair reviews” heading, it’s good to make a couple of H3 headlines “Reviews from summer wheelchairs” and “Winter wheelchairs comments”. 
As already mentioned several times in posts about optimising sites for Google, Google appreciates a well-structured document.

Text Optimisation for Google

Content optimisation is also very important. It is important that the text of the article mentions the keywords from the title in different word forms, i.e. In the test, the article should naturally mention such words as “wheelchair reviews”, “wheelchair shops”, etc. Optimising the page is also to make words bold and italic. 
Also in a good article should be thematic links, for this you can refer to the pages of your site, which are highlights on the topic of the post.

This method of website promotion in google will allow you to display low-competitive queries from the top. For fixing the result, the linking of the site pages helps well . In order to get to the top by competitive and high-frequency queries with a single internal optimization is not enough, we need incoming links. For this there are exchanges of links and articles and other paid sources of articles.

Site Friendship

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